By Iride Aparicio

Madona and Child
Madonna and Child

SILICON VALLEY --  Since the beginning of   Mother's Day,  photographers, painters and illustrators  had  depicted  mothers  tenderly protecting their children in their arms, in the cards that people send to their mothers on that  day.  The images  are  used even in  Mother's Day religious cards, but on those cards, the  picture of  the Virgin Mary tenderly holding Jesus in her arms, has another meaning. It represents  Mary, our mother in Heaven, promise to  protect from all evil all her children, which are us. Those promises are a consolation to Christians, specially this year,   And  if you ever wonder  How Mother's Day started, keep reading this article.  

The origin of Mother's Day, as celebrated in the United States,  goes back  to the years before the Civil War (1861-1865) when a woman  from West Virginia , by the name of ANN REEVES JARVIS  started  clubs  to teach local women how to take proper care of  their children. The clubs were named "Mothers' Day Work Clubs." 

In a region of the country (USA) still divided by the Civil War, the clubs became a unifying force. In 1868,  JARVIS organized  "Mothers' Friendship Day." It was a political movement  because on that day,  'the mothers'  gathered with  the Union and  the Confederate soldiers and tried to promote a reconciliation.

In l870, abolitionist and suffragette woman  JULIA WARD HOWE wrote a proclamation which she called "Mother's Day Proclamation." It was a call for action, asking all mothers to unite in promoting world peace. She campaigned for a "Mothers' Peace Day" and chose June 2 at the date to be celebrated. Another Mother's Day pioneer was activist  JULIET CALHOUN BLAKELY who inspire a local Mother's Day in Albion , Michigan, during the same year.
But, interesting to note, is that  the first Mother's Day had also a father in FRANK HERING, who with MARY TOWLES SASSEEN worked to organize a day to celebrate mothers in the late 19th Century.

'Mother's Day' as we know it now, however, is the result of the efforts of ANNA JARVIS, (the daughter of ANN REEVES JARVIS)  who in 1905, following her mother's death, conceived of  creating a day to honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children. After gaining the financial Backing of Philadelphia Department Store Owner JOHN WANAMAKER, in May l908, the first official Mother's Day was celebrated at the Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia. On the same day, thousands of people in Philadelphia attended a Mother's Day Event at one of WANAMAKER's  stores.

Years later, with a massive letter writing campaign to newspapers and prominent politicians, JARVIS,  resolved to see her holiday added to the national calendar. in 1914, then President WOODROW WILSON signed a measure officially establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.


Mother and Child
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Mother's Day in Mexico and in some countries in Latin America is always celebrated on May 10.

Catholics  believe  to have a mother on earth and another in heaven in the Virgin Mary.  Fearful mothers, place their children, since birth, in the hands of Mary and ask her to  protect them, from the rest of their lives, under her mantle. Mary's  intersection in solving problems, in healing and a number of  miracles are written in the pages of thousands of books.

As an advocate, she is strong, and she  can fight the Devil, (which is evil) so in many of her  different representation, in pictures and statuettes, we see  her  stomping the head of  the Devil (represented as a serpent0 with her  bare feet. 

If you are familiar with her story, you may remember that Our Lady of Guadalupe herself, assumed  the  role  of  'our mother'  when she told San Juan Diego in the Monte del Tepeyac, Mexico, on December 9, 1531,  during her apparitions .  

Fear Nothing. Am I not here who are your mother?

Mother's Day  2020,  is going to be unique for mothers, around the whole world. Because of the Pandemic and the stay-at-home laws, it will not be celebrated: No family reunion, no lunch or dinners, no gifts, not  even flowers,  which  is sad, because the year 2020 will be remembered as the  year when their role, as mothers had been tested to the top.

In some states, most mothers  have been cooped inside their houses with their husbands and children for six weeks. Those who still have a job, are working from home, and while working, supervising their children, helping them to do their school work,   keeping  them entertained  and playing  the multiple roles of advisor, counselor,  nurse, dentist and doctor, to name a few. To these chores we can add  cooking cleaning,  washing, ironing and in between, going out to pump  gas in their cars, with globes on their hands  shopping at the supermarkets  pushing disinfected carts, with a mask on their face, and  keeping six feet distance from everyone when they walk on the street. Those who have husbands (at home)may have added chores. 

Many workers  are now being called  super heroes  for their different labor. CULTURAL WORLD BILINGUAL would like to suggest that  on Mother's Day 2020,  among the  super heroes, we add  the mothers around the world.