Receives the 2020 Julia Child Award
By Iride Aparicio

 Photos Credit: Bernard Pollack

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On Saturday October 17th, during the 6th Annual SMITHSONIAN FOOD HISTORY WEEKEND, DANIELLE NIEREMBER, Founder and President of FOOD TANK, Received from ANTHEA M. HARTIG, PhD, the ELIZABETH MaCMILLAN director of the SMITHSONIAN National Museum of American History, the 2020 JULIA CHILD AWARD.

Born in Missouri, DANIELLE NIERENBERG is an American activist, world-renown researcher, journalist, and speaker advocate on all issues relating to our food system and agriculture. She is also the author of the book, HAPPIER MEALS,   Correcting gender myopia, MORE, 

An expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues, DANIELLE is better known as the founder and President of FOOD TANK a non-profit organization founded in 2013 with BERNARD POLLACK and ELLEN GUSTAFSON with the purpose to reform the FOOD SYSTEM environmentally, socially and economically with the purpose to alleviate hunger, obesity and poverty around the world.

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Every Year, During FOOD HISTORY WEEKEND, The SMITHSONIAN, INSTITUTION in Washington D.C., the world's largest museum and research Complex, gives an Award Called JULIA CHILD AWARD in honor of JULIA CAROLYN McWilliams, (l912-2004)   the American cooking expert born in Pasadena California, but better known as the host of her public TV program with chef JACQUES, "JULIA CHILD and JACQUES Cooking at HOME."  CHILD was an American cooking (and food) expert, author, and television personality who with her TV program, introduced the "cooking programs to Television."

Created by the JULIA CHILD FOUNDATION for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts The JULIA CHILD AWARD is presented to an individual (or a team) who had made a profound and significant difference in the way  America cooks, eats, and Drinks.

During the streamed program, we learned that for years, DANIELLE NIERENBERG has travelled, to third world countries, some times with fever, or flying in airplanes which looked as if they had been put together with tape, to spread to different organizations around the world how can they teach their communities to make a better food system, what they need to rebuild their own food system and how we working together, could be of help in feeding the people in the world

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          L-R Danielle in AFRICA instructing a woman to grow healthy food

Cultural World Bilingual in Silicon Valley,  joins all the  guests, who. at the ONLINE  reception held at the SMITHSONIAN's museum room representing the JULIA CHILD's kitchen, congratulated  DANIELLE NIERENBERG  during her  SMITSONIAN  AWARD CEREMONY,  and the honor of being the 2020 recipient of the prestigious  JULIA CHILD AWARD.