Conceived, Crafted and Directed by
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By Iride Aparicio

Photos:Courtesy TheatreWorks

SILICON VALLEY, CA -- "SIMPLE GIFTS" a Joyful, multicultural celebration of beloved holiday songs and traditions from many diverse backgrounds, conceived, crafted and directed by TheatreWorks artistic director TIM BOND, under the musical Direction by WILLIAM LIBERATORE and VIDEO PRODUCTION by STEPHEN MUTERSPAUGH, is the ideal family show to watch to put the Spirit of the Holidays in your lives now, when we are still unable to go to a theatre. The show will be streaming by TheatreWorks Silicon Valley through December 27.

The Virtual World Premiere features a bounty of Bay Area theatre veterans, who will share with you beautiful music, meaningful memories and take you on a journey through a variety of winter celebration in different cultures which include, among others, KWANZAA, CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, NOCHE BUENA , DIWALI, LAS POSADAS.

But there is more. By watching "SIMPLE GIFTS," we will be joining JEFFREY LO, TheatreWorks Director of Community Partnerships, to shine a light on organizations in our community that provide simple gifts to all, all year long. This week, we will be highlighting RED LADDER THEATRE COMPANY.

Formed in 1992, RED LADDER THEATRE COMPANY is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning social justice theatre company which works with a wide range of under-resourced populations within the community, using the tools and techniques of improvisational theatre to help its participants develop positive life-skills. RED LADDER THEATRE COMPANY was founded on the understanding that the most essential component of a healthy individual is the creative spirit, and that when a person's creative impulses are revered, encouraged and nurtured, positive change occurs. 

By working with the professional actors in the company, the participants are encouraged to explore the issues that affect their daily lives and, by engaging in the creative process, develop the ability to make positive choices, solve problems creatively, focus on tasks and work collaborative. They are able to invest in their own ideas and bring them to life on the stage. That knowledge and understanding then translates into a new-found ability to confront the challenges they face every day. Red Ladder Theatre, for these actors. is a "rehearsal for a healthy life."   To learn more about the organization to

And for those of you who want to get into the TOY giving spirit, you can join the LUCILE PACKARD VIRTUAL TOY DRIVE.


For the past few years, during the month of December, TheatreWorks has been proud to participate in the LUCILE PACKARD CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL ANNUAL TOY DRIVE, accepting contributions from our patrons in the lobby of the LUCIE STERN THEATRE located at 1305 Middlefield Rd in Palo Alto, but when we were forced to adjust and move online, so too has the toy drive. So this year you can help bring the magic of the season to patients by donating to their RECREATIONAL THERAPY FUN FUND. The fund will ensure that every patient spending their holiday in the hospital receives a gift.

"SIMPLE GIFTS" will be streaming through December 27 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time and on Sundays at 2 pm and you can join the giving by sending your simple gift to TheatreWorks of to the Recreational Therapy Fund.  DONATE NOW.