By Iride Aparicio

Photos courtesy: The Tabard Theatre Company

SILICON VALLEY-- The TABARD Board of Directors announced to the press that  on June 30th 2020,  CATHY  SPIELBERGER CASSETTA  will be retiring as Artistic Director of  TABARD THEATRE COMPANY the theatre that she founded, twenty years ago.

On November 2000, during the course of one weekend, CATHY was approached by three different people who told her that she should  start a theatre company. Her answer to these people was, "We don't need another theatre company."  But, she reveals that after thinking about it,  she concluded that maybe, she could provide to SAN JOSE, with a 'different' theatre company an ALTRUISTIC THEATRE COMPANY.

Since that day, CATHY SPIELBERGER CASSETTA began working tirelessly creating and building her Altruistic theatre company in TABARD (named after the intimate 96 seat theatre located in Chiswick in the London Borough of Hounslow) with the sole purpose to make in each and every one of its presentations, a difference in the community through the arts.

Those who know CATHY CASSETTA, as she is usually called, know that it has always been important, in her life to make a difference in other people's lives . She infused that in TABARD. One of the hallmarks of differentiation for her theatre was designating a local non-profit to receive a portion of each  production's concessions, an amount that grew when TABARD took over THEATRE OF SAN PEDRO SQUARE in 2008. Another difference was to provide arts education free, or at a price that working family could manage in TABARD. 

Since it opened, TABARD THEATRE had presenter 100+ productions and concerts. With a new director, TABARD will continue in its new Season in September.


Because CATHY SPIELBERG CASSETTA will be retiring at the end of this month,  the Board has planned to celebrate her accomplishments and accolades with a party on June 13 (CATHY's favorite number) but the celebration had to suspend  because of the pandemic.


As we say Farewell, Adios, and Arrideverchi to CATHY on her retirement, in three of the different languages she speaks, we wonder what can we do to thank her for her twenty years of labor?  She doesn't want  any personal  gifts,  plaques, or flowers, so, the BOARD suggested to let people know  that if  any of the TABARD's shows  did make a difference in their lives during the past  twenty years, and some of these people would like to express their gratitude to CATHY CASSETTA, they can do it by making  a donation, in any amount, on her  name, to TABARD and sending their check before June 30th  to:

Tabard c/o Marilyn Watts
522 Bliss COURT
San Jose, CA 95136