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Photos By: Karli Evans

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- For music lovers who want  to listen to the  enrapturing tonalities coming from the trained voice of an Opera tenor, without having  to go to an Opera House to listen to him singing,  SAN FRANCISCO OPERA is offering  them  the unique opportunity to listen to the marvelous voice of  Mexican tenor ARTURO CHACÓN-CRUZ in the privacy of their own homes, in its new release of  Opera's video portrait series: In Song:Arturo Chacón-Cruz, available now to see at: It is also available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The time of this particular In Song program, also happens to be during the National Hispanic Heritage month   (celebrated from September 15 to October 15) which as we all know in the USA is the month dedicated to the Hispanic culture and the program is cultural, and the tenor   Arturo Chacón-Cruz, lives in Miami, but is from Mexico.


And the tenor is also an inspiration for children because from his home base of Miami, Arturo Chacon-Cruz visits the students of Homestead-Miami Mariachi Conservatory (HMMC) a school recognized as Florida's premier Mariachi Music School. (An after-school music program with special focus on children from farm working backgrounds) and, in informal talks, reveals to them that the music that they play together is part of their culture, and that for them, to become professional musicians, will require determination and passion.

This particular In Song segment offers the audience an internal look of Chacon-Cruz relationship to music. From his years performing the mariachi music which infused his youth, to intimate moments with his family, singing beloved Italian and Mexican songs accompanied by pianist Roberto Berrocal. The segment shows Chacón-Cruz singing: Agustin Lara's Granada, with the students. Vinzenso De Crescenzo's  "Rondine al Nido" and María Grevers' Júrame.

The segment also shows Chacon-Cruz relationship with music, which started with him performing it in the mariachi, and continued by opening his musical horizon to other more elaborate songs, which led him at the end to Italian Arias. It also shows the tenor's intimate relationship with music and culture, which he describes to the young musicians as a person's "superpower."  


Since winning the Operalia Competition in 2005, Arturo Chacón-Cruz has confirmed his status as one of the art form's leading tenors. He has performed on the major stages in more than 30 countries showcasing a repertory of over 60 Operatic roles too many to mention individually. He made his San Francisco Opera debut in 2012 in the role of Duke of Mantua in Verdi's Rigoletto, which happened to be simulcast to the home of the San Francisco Giants as part of the Company's Opera at the Ballpark on that night. His debut was witnessed by 27,000 people on television.

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The Sonora, Mexico Native tenor, has received many awards during his career, including GQ man of the Year (Mexico) The Moncayo Medal (Jalisco) the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Award (Sonora's highest cultural award) and the 2017 Jan  Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Emerging Star Award at San Francisco Opera. He also has recorded many Operas and has a broad Classical music discography, In his newest recording, however De Mi Casa a Tu casa, (From my home to your home) the tenor reverts back to the music he first heard in his youth: Mexican Mariachi music.

Launched in 2021, San Francisco Opera In Song is a series of intimate video portraits featuring remarkable artists who draw us into their distinctive spheres through stories and song --from classical to Bluegrass, spiritual, Samoan songs and Mariachi Music. Each episode, invites us into the singer's world.
In Song along with North Stage Door and Atrium Sessions are made possible in part though the Creative edge Fund with major support from Carol and Dixon Doll, & Peter Fenton and Kate Greer.