Sings "For Sale" with ALEJANDRO SANZ


     And announces his new record CUMBIANA

By: Iride Aparicio

B-roll Courtesy: Nevarez Communications

SILICON VALLEY -- On  May 19, 2020, from the city of  Miami, Florida, Award winner  CARLOS VIVES announced to the readers of  CULTURAL WORLD BILINGUAL his recording of his fourteenth studio Album CUMBIANA, which the Colombia singer/songwriter describes as "A wide-spanning sonic exploration of the origins of the cumbia." His new recording will be out for sale to the public on May 22  via SONY MUSIC LATIN.

As a recording, what makes CUMBIANA unique, is that in these ten songs VIVES gives to his audience the most diverse collection of music to date. The music ranging from salsa and reggaeton fusions, to the iconic vallenato accordion that has become an integral part of his sound.  The album was recorded in several studios across the United States, England, Spain, and Colombia, where CARLOS VIVES is from.

In CUMBIANA, VIVES brings the story of the Colombian CUMBIA to the modern age.
The recording of CUMBIANA begins in a traditional form, with VIVES maintaining the sensibility of the North of Colombia CUMBIA's sounds, the coast's sounds of the CUMBIA when it first started and where the CUMBIA has its roots. But what VIVES does next, with the CUMBIA, is immerse it into a cacophony of  other sounds,  by melting  its original CUMBIA's  sounds with the traditional sounds of indigenous' music, and  modern Latin sounds.

In the making of his musical blend of the CUMBIA's genre, past and present, VIVES was joined by great musicians such as RUBÉN BLADES, the author of "Canción para Ruben", to newer singers' voices like JESSIE REYEZ ("Hechicera") and artists from outside the Latin sphere like ZIGGY MARLEY ("El Hilo" ).

And while you get ready to listen to CUMBIANA when it hits the market,  CARLOS VIVES invites you to watch his B-roll singin the song "For Sale" with singer ALEJANDRO SANZ.

"For Sale"