Selected  Vice President of  Programming
at Spanish CNN

Exclusive Interview by:  Iride Aparicio

MIAMI, Florida -- Cynthia Hudson,  Senior Vice President of  programming for Spanish CNN  (CNN broadcasted in Spanish) and General Manager of  Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S. announced to the press that Eduardo Suarez, a TV  executive  with over 30 years of experience in the industry of  Spanish television for Latin America and the United States, and the winner of 18 Emmys in the categories of: Cameraman, Copywriter, Editor, Producer and  Director has been selected  to Spanish CNN’s  recently-created position of Vice President of  Programming.

In his new position Mr. Suarez will be responsible for the strategic planning of the Channel, and the execution of all programs: Special Events, Exclusive Programs and the development of content for new platforms.  He will also supervise the production crews in Atlanta and Miami and work with the Marketing teams to maximize new business opportunities in different media such as Movil and the Internet.

We ask Mr. Suarez  how did he get interested in television?
A: “My father was a TV Anchor in Cuba, which means that I was inside a television studio since I was a child. I grew up in a TV studio. Even now, I can feel the smell of a TV studio in my nostrils. I was interested in television all my life.

Q. Did you study television?
A.  Yes. one has to study something and get a degree in something, I studied at the Instituto de Artes in Cuba,  which is an school of Communications and television annexed to the University of Cuba.  When I returned to the studio, I worked first as a cameraman, was ascended to “Chief Photographer” after that, and later on to Producer and Director.

Q: Could you give us a brief description of your career?
A: “In l980, I worked at UNIVISION. I went to TELEMUNDO in l993 where I worked as Producer/Director of Special Events.  In l997, when the CABLE started in Latin America, I was hired by MGM Latin America as Vice President of Production.  In 2003 I created “Prestige on Television,” my own Company, which served as a TV consultant for Latin America, showing the different stations how to create standards of quality  for  their  programs.”    
“ I started working with news but working as a  Producer/Director of  Special Events,  opened my horizon to diversity.  I learned a lot about programming.”

Q: What are your plans for Spanish CNN?
A:  The plans I have are not only my plans, because to talk about the plans of  Spanish CNN we need to talk about the person who has been the visionary of this whole project: Cynthia Hudson, who is the Senior Vice President and what we could call the president of CNN in Spanish. We have worked together before and we work well together, and what Cynthia wants me to do now is to help her diversify the CNN’s programming in Spanish. Now we are going to have a show for the women at noon, a talk show, and the network is going to look more like a television Channel. Still  with news and information but more diversified.

Q What is your personal goal ?
A: To be able to share the success of the new plans of CNN with my team workers and my family.

Q How do you define yourself?
A: I define myself as a man who is experiencing  the best moment in his career.  Holding the best position I ever had in my career. CNN is the perfect company for me to use all my experience in Production and Programming. I am glad not only  to join the magnificent team of CNN at this time, but also to be able to enable CNN reach  a new era. This job is the climax of my career.”

“We are very happy to add Eduardo to our new prestigious professional team,” says Senior Vice President Hudson. “His expertise will allow Spanish CNN to continue giving programs of high quality and reach the goals we want to reach at CNN.”