Photos: By Bugsy Malone

Silicon Valley, CA For those who like dance and would like to watch a number of spectacular  performances of international dances. in original costumes, interpreted by the group of students of the sjDANCEco, and other dance companies in a unique program, we would like to suggest that they mark in their calendars to Saturday April 29 and Sunday April 30, when, in celebration of  DANCE WEEK, starting at 12 noon and ending at 5pm, the public will be able to watch a Professional program of segments of  different dances from around the world, at the Eastridge Center Mall, located on 2200 Eastridge Loop in San José, California, off Capitol Expressway and Tully Road. The admission is FREE OF CHARGE.

The  Festival, will open with  a 30 minutes opening Ceremony, and will give the opportunity, to those who want to learn how to dance, to take a dancing class,  because starting from 12:30 PM,  dancing classes will be given on the spot, at every hour.

Opening the Festival , will be Calpulli Tonalehque, an Aztec dance whose name, in Nahuatl, designates those who belong to the Community of guardians who accompany the Sun. In the Aztec culture, these guardians' mission is to create spaces, and keep the members of the community, which are the indigenous Mexican people, healthy. The dance will be danced by Capulli Tonalehqueh, which is also the name of the group of Mexican dancers based in San Jose,

Their dance, is actually a ritual in in which drums are used to call the four elements (wind, water, fire, and earth)  and the four cardinal directions:(North  (Tezcatlipoca), East (Quetzalcoatl) South (Huitzilopochtli) and West (Xipe Tolec) along with the Great Cosmos, Mother Earth and the Center (Our hearts). While dancing, the dancers carry these elements in the form of the atecocolli (A conch shell) which is played, during the dance to call the winds, Popoxcommi ( who carries the fire.) and the copal (considered a sacred incense) which they burnt with the purpose to carry their scented prayers on its white smoke, to ask their ancestors permission to call their gods of the directions, (North, East,South and West) and ask them for help to guide them, so that they will be able to protect their space.

In this particular Aztec ritual dance, what the dancers do, is demonstrate to Mother Earth and to the Cosmos, their deep respect, recognizing that all human beings are here, walking the Red Road which means to them, that every human life has a purpose and forms part of the elements. Because of it, this dance, for them, is considered very important, and one way to be able to reconnect with the planet, which is our home.

The group, which is based on the foundation of Wisdom Harmony and Cultures, dances it to the sounds of authentic Aztec rhythms, played in Aztec instruments, such as maracas and drums, and the dancers are attired in elaborate Aztec costumes, which include exotic, hats, made of long Quetzal feathers.

Other performances may be of classical ballets like one from Ballet Diablo, pictured below,. and


will be presented on those two days, during a non-stop 5-hour program each day. The performances, are the works of over 70 choreographers and Bay Area dance organizations (from young children to professional companies and everything in between).

  • sjDANCEco
  • Abhinay Dance Company of San Jose,
  • Los Lupeños
  • Aboriginouls
  • Magnetic Pole Fit
  • Diablo Ballet
  • Sanba Colorado
  • N'fungola Sibo African Dance and Drum
  • Hermosura Dance Productions
  • Agua Doce Dance
  • Cat Machines Dance
  • Tachiria Flamenco's Dance Music Theatre.    

sjDANCEco is a year round contemporary dance company based in San Jose, California that produces world premieres by its core and guest choreographers and presents the very best of Contemporary and Classic Modern Dance and Masterpieces of the American Modern Dance Repertory in addition to a full of dance concerts. sjDANCEco. ignites the spirit of dance.