Halfdan Hussey
CEO & Co-Founder of Cinequest inc. and Creatics Enterprises
In an exclusive interview by Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: CINEQUEST

SILICON VALLEY -- After wisely discontinued because of the Pandemic in 2020, and streamed in  the year 2021, CINEQUEST FILM AND CREATIVITY FESTIVAL  returns to Silicon Valley IN-PERSON, in August 16-29, more vibrant than ever. with TRENDING FILMS EVENTS where the audience picks of the week, METRO NEWS, METRO'S EVENTS and LINE UP ADDITIONS.

As we have done in previous years to allow our readers to learn, ahead of time, the changes in the 2022 IN-PERSON Cinequest, Cultural World Bilingual interviewed its Co-Founder and CEO, Halfdan Hussey, a renowned writer and author of the book "The Dogs and 7 Powers of Creating" and the writer/producer of the award-winning film Life is Love and Zeizing Me, and had been named by Metro News Paper (2010), "One of the 25 people who most dramatically changed Silicon Valley in the past 25 years," to describe his plans for year's IN-PERSON Film and Creativity Festival, CINEQUEST, in his own words.


H.H: " CINEQUEST has a legacy of deeply caring about the artists, around the globe, and in the United States,  that makes works that they care about, that elevates the mind and the heart and expands our way of experiencing life and each other. The other part of CINEQUEST, is not only to empower and showcase the creative artist work, but to engage people of all walks of life with that work. And, as a global perspective and when we do that, we find that something very magical happen. It is called Community.  A Community builds around the sharing experiences at CINEQUEST,"

Photo Courtesy: Antonio Gadong

"At CINEQUEST, we all come together to see shows, we meet artists, people we have not met before, we rekindle friendships, we learn about the latest and greatest technology that is empowering people to create and to do their work, and we meet each other."

"We did CINEQUEST Virtually, during the pandemic with the name of CINEJOY, which was no more than Streaming movies, but now that CINEQUEST could go back in theatres, we will continue to do CINEJOY as well.  So this year I am very excited to get back to celebrating life, and people and art together in a unified way."

"Unfortunately, in the past year we had more divisiveness that unity in our globe, but in CINEQUEST that, have never been the case. It always has been: we welcome you because we don't care what you think. We want every one of you in CINEQUEST, no matter how you think about politics, religions, sexual orientation, cultures, ways of life, economic structures. All we want at CINEQUEST is: for all people to be connected with each other"

CWB: And, how can CINEQUEST could make it possible?
H.H.: "Through film. Film is our starting point, our common interest. So Film is what brings the people in. But, when the technology is also a draw, what really make people happy,it is the people meeting other people who love FILM at CINEQUEST.  We cannot connect through Virtual experiences, because the IN-PERSON contact with each other is very special. So, I am excited to be able to do that again this year, in a different way"

C.W.B. "How do this year's CINEQUEST is going to be different?  
H.H.:"We always did CINEQUES different every year, when we did it in person, and we always brought new elements to it, but this year, we will bring all of our new technology in communications and showcases, and build a platform online. And during the Summer, (August 16-29) we want to bring back a CINEQUEST where we could all celebrate, so we are going to have a beer and  bar experience outdoors. It will be a wonderful place for people to meet each other, to meet the artists who are in town, to share their experiences and to feel welcome and celebrate"

C.W.B.  What can you tell us about the movies that will be presented?
H.H. "This year we have over 55 movies from different countries, and we will show 200 movies from around the world. Some of these movies are movies that are going to be seen by people for the first time. (World's Premieres) And the artists will be here, in person, to talk with them at the lounge or at the garden.  So, this year we will be celebrating these majestic movies and the people who made them."

Photo Courtesy: CINEQUEST

C.W.B. Will this year's CINEQUEST have also BIG NAMES?
H.H. "Yes, We have big names also.  We will have and opening night celebration of the great Comedian and Actor Jim Gaffigan, who will be receiving the "Maverick Spirit Award."  and we will also l be doing a Virtual Spirit Award with Allison Brie for her film Spin me Around. (on August 17) along with the screening of her film.) "

C.W.B. Will CINEQUEST this year have any Spanish-speaking movies?
H.H. "Unfortunately, during the pandemic Mexico was not producing movies, as they were before, but that will be back on track next year, but we will have Mexican-American Cinema, Central-American Cinema and also South American Cinema."

C.W.B. Any outstanding outstanding?
H.H. All are good, but I liked "Come Find Me" starring Sol Miranda (She is a Puerto Rican actress and producer and adjunct assistant professor of Hostos Community College and also the founder of Embark Peekskill, a nonprofit who supports the art in Peekskill, New York) and Victoria Cardeña."

C.W.B.  And to end our interview, Halfdan, What will be the focus in this year's CINEQUEST?
H.H. "The Focus of This year CINEQUEST will be A Celebration of Humanity.  Because by accessing all these stories, the human beings are  part of it. The people gathering together in these rooms meeting each other, taking with each other and sharing experiences. So, that is what this year's CINEQUEST's focus will be, A CELEBRATION OF HUMANITY."

Tickets and Passes for the festival can already be purchased at https://www.cinequest.org/.