Documentary Premiere

Los Cenzontles
By Iride Aparicio

Photos Courtesy: Los Cenzontles

SILICON VALLEY, CA -- In a press communique, Los Cenzontles productions announced the premiere of their new documentary JOY in  MUSIC.

JOY in MUSIC is a film about the joy of  learning. teaching, and playing traditional music. In the documentary, one could watch how Lucina Rodriguez, master artist at Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy, guides two teen sisters Divina, Camila, Belinda Ortega and newcomer Cruz Torres to collaborate in the recording of the popular Mexican song Llego el Lechero.

Los Cenzontles Founder and Director Eugene Rodriguez Explains to the press the significance of their new documentary film as follows:

"Young people in working-class neighborhoods (here in California) generally do not receive the kind of personalized, long term training in community culture offered at Los Cenzontles Academy. Joy in Music reminds us that all young people deserve respect, trust and the opportunity to explore and develop their (artistic) capacities and skills. We hope that Joy in Music inspires greater recognition for traditional pedagogues, practices and repertory in youth arts education."

Los Cenzontles

The statement of   Los Cenzontles Founder and Director Rodriguez is correct. The importance of Music in the education of children,  has been recognized for years if not for centuries in different studies around the world, among them the  music study, of  Namrata Dave  the Director in the ValueLabs, an Active company headquartered in Bengaluru in the South of India.  In his studies about music in particular, Namrata explains that few people are aware that the body moves to music even when we are not even aware of it. In his Lab's studies he called these movements "Micromotion."  

After being published, Namrata's  discovery was considered so important, that it captured the attention of scientist at the RITMO Centre, for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion at the University of Oslo, in Sweden, that has now new studies trying to define if  the "Michomotion" varies among the different genres of classical and popular music and if it changes with  Noregian, Indian and other types of music. If it does, it would indicate to  RITMO Centre something that nobody knew before, which is that  the  "sound'" of the music produces different micromotion, in people, not only by its Rhythm but  by the "sounds" of the same melody, played in  different instruments. Which is in itself, marvelous!.


Cultural World Bilingual will end this article by congratulating Los Cenzontles Academy for their previous documentary PUNTOS DE VIDA, (in its French version.) The work, directed and edited by James Hall,  a documents the  trip of  Maestra of the Academy Astrid  (who also translated the original Spanish dialogue of the documentary to French) and her students to Yucatan (Mexico) to study Mayan embroder. PUNTOS DE VIDA made such impact in the French audience that it was selected as a Finalist at the FRENCH RIVIERA FILM FESTIVAL 2021.

The documentary PUNTOS DE VIDA  is available to stream for free on You Tube with versions in Spanish, English and French, and an article describing in detail  the making of the documentary could still  be read in Cultural World Bilingual.