By Iride Aparicio

Hollywood, CA -- Actress, Producer, director and activist EVA LONGORIA will join the "Academy Dialogues Start with Us" series in which the Academy of Motion Pictures Announced the launch of a new series of virtual panels from members and the public as part of its Academy Aperture 2025 Equity and inclusion initiative. The series is called "ACADEMY DIALOGUES: IT STARTS WITH US," and includes conversations about race, ethnicity, gender, history opportunity and the art of filmmaking. This discussions also focus on the industry-wide systemic changes that are needed to afford greater opportunities for women and people from underrepresented ethnic/racial communities and to create a new narrative for recovery.

"With its ACADEMY DIALOGUES SERIES, the Academy of Motion Pictures is creating a space for their own members and the public to talk about inclusion in a way that is timely, relevant and allows for a meaningful exchange on how to bring systemic change to Hollywood" said LORENZA MUÑOZ, EVP, Member of Relations and Awards. "These conversations may be uncomfortable for some, but necessary to broaden the stories that are getting told, and increase opportunities to those who have been excluded."

The fourth in the ACADEMY DIALOGUES" IT STARTS WITH US" " series, (you can watch the previous three conversations in Cultural World Bilingual's website) is "THE ERASURE OF LATINOS IN HOLLYWOOD. The talk presents a conversation exploring the complexity of being Latin, the legacies of colonialism, identity, and solutions for inclusion.

The Panelists include: (from left to Right)
Executive Vice President, Production, Marvel Studios VICTORIA ALONSO, Casting Director CARMEN CUBA ("The Martian") , director NADIA HALLGREN ("Becoming") founder/president, American Entertainment Marketing, and cofounder, LA Collab IVETTE RODRIGUEZ

Victoria Alonso.jpegCARMEN CUBA.jpegNadia Hallgren.jpegIVETTE RODRIGUEZ.jpeg
The panel of four women will be Moderated by LORENZA MUÑOZ, The Academy's Executive Vice President, and Member of Relations and Awards.


Our readers could see all the previous "ACADEMY DIALOGUES" in our previous article in our web page under "ACADMY DIALOGUES" and we will continue presenting the Dialogues as they take place